Rabia Siddique: Author | Humanitarian | Keynote Speaker
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be the change you wish to see.


When you have been through war,
you truly understand leadership, courage and resilience.



The ability to lift and inspire others to action is critical, whether it be on a war-torn battlefield, or on a stage.

Rabia touches the hearts of all that hear her speak and leaves a lasting impression, inspiring her audience to want to be the best version of themselves. Rabia’s experiences as a former terrorist and war crimes prosecutor, international humanitarian, retired British Army officer, hostage survivor and mother of triplets have given her valuable insights on how to make the most of our lives and our businesses.
Her commitment to equality, justice and authentic leadership defines her and sets her apart as a sincere, charismatic and remarkable individual. Having battled abuse, discrimination, chronic health problems and trauma, Rabia is more than just a survivor. Rabia leads by example and lives what she teaches.



Rabia uses her personal story of resilience, courage, strength and forgiveness, in addition to her psychology, military and legal training, to speak on topics including authentic leadership, resilience, equality and diversity.

Rabia’s story was inspirational. In the business context we often talk about the importance of composure, keeping the goal in mind and making a difference. To see this brought to life in a real world context where lives are at stake is both humbling and inspirational. It helps put things back into context.

Paul Fitzgerald, General Manager Oceania, Coca-Cola South Pacific

In my role as Director of Women’s Markets at Westpac I get to meet the most amazing women both here in Australia and internationally...If you are looking for a speaker to deliver a message about resilience, passion and self belief and finding your voice then Rabia is one of the best.

Larke Riemer, Director, Women’s Markets, Westpac Banking Corporation

Rabia is eloquent, articulate and gracious and delivered a powerful and awe inspiring presentation. The audience were held in her hands as she told her story. Her story describes her as being uncompromising in her pursuit of justice and unflinching in the face of extreme danger. This came through in her story and the audience rewarded her with a standing ovation. It was extraordinary and outstanding.

Ricky Burges, CEO, West Australian Local Government Association

I was mesmerised by Rabia’s story and the lessons that she so easily shared. After one and half spellbinding hours, we all shared our thoughts and reactions to what we had just experienced. The positivity, unity and desire to be better at what we do, to find our voice, and to be the change we want in this world. Rabia is simply compelling and captivating.

Peter Wood, General Manager, JWH Group

The response has been overwhelming, you certainly left an impression that will positively influence many of their lives. Someone once said to me that stars can’t shine without darkness and its our response to these moments that determines the legacy we leave. Yours is likely to be enduring and will proceed you.

Kelly Quirk, CEO, Harrier Human Capital



If we do not fight to protect those without a voice, who will?

Having fought battles of her own since she was a young child, Rabia has had to overcome abuse and discrimination. Since then, her strong sense of justice and equality lead her to become a criminal and human rights lawyer, where she continued to battle against terrorism and criminals of war.

However, her battle against injustice took an unexpected turn after she returned from a horrifying hostage situation in Basra. After successfully negotiating the release of two SAS soldiers from the Iraqi insurgents, the British authorities buried her achievements, while awarding her male colleague with a Military Cross. In a landmark discrimination case, Rabia fought for justice against the UK Ministry of Defence, and won. 

Rabia has since dedicated herself to giving back to the community and many not-for-profit organisations, inspiring others to stand up for equality.
From diversity to positive change, Rabia is one to always lead by example.





Rabia Siddique’s fascinating memoir chronicles not only a legal career dedicated to the pursuit of justice for herself and others, but also the life events that have shaped her. With extreme honesty and insight, Equal Justice details her personal experience of the effects of racism, childhood sexual abuse, and later balancing a career with being a mother to triplet boys.

Despite the challenges and injustice Rabia has faced, Equal Justice is far from bleak – her writing style is concise and engaging, allowing the book to cover far more than can be described in a brief review. Due to Rabia’s unique perspective, Equal Justice is an inspiring read that will appeal to a wide audience, and is a must for anyone interested in justice, human rights and international affairs.


Rabia is committed to giving back to her commmunity and is a passionate
advocate for human rights, education and diversity in its widest sense.



Rabia has featured in numerous media appearances in Australia, the United Kingdom, the Middle East, India and the United States.

Featuring not only in print media such as newspapers and magazines, Rabia has also been interviewed on multiple television and radio stations. Her story is one that rings true to all that have faced inequality.

Rabia’s story had had widespread impact and a feature film is now being considered. Watch this space for further updates on this exciting project.



I am always keen to explore how to create the best outcomes for my clients.

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