'Courage Under Fire' - half and full day values based leadership workshop - Rabia Siddique

Professor Harry M. Jansen Kraemer Jr said ‘The only true leadership is values based leadership’.

Now more than ever in our organisations and communities we need managers, executives and all leaders to display strong character, sound values and courageous leadership. Great leadership is characterised by resilience, courage, focus, discipline and authenticity. Most importantly, leadership must be rooted in who you are and what matters most to you.

Value based leadership is as much a management and leadership philosophy as it is an exception practice. It is critical in establishing and maintaining an ethical corporate culture.

When we understand what drives us to do what we do and the core beliefs that influence our decision making, only then can we become individuals that not only do things right, but do the right thing, particularly in times of great pressure, adversity and change.

This workshop provides participants with the tools and skills needed to make sound, well informed and often difficult decisions under pressure to inspire and motivate those around you to be all that they can to mobilise yourself and others to achieve outcomes and goals that add to the greater good and higher purpose of your organisation and realise your own life vision.

This workshop can be delivered in a half or full day format and is run by Rabia as either an in person public workshop or privately within organisations. Rabia has also delivered this workshop remotely via live link up to organisations and participants overseas and interstate.

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