'Finding Your Voice' - speaking and story telling workshop - Rabia Siddique

“It only takes one voice, at the right pitch, to start an avalanche.” (Dianna Hardy Return of the Wolf)

The essential ingredient to great leadership is great communication. Communication is the cornerstone for all successful and fulfilling relationships – whether they be business or personal ones, yet it i the one area that as individuals we have the most problems with.

Do you want to become a better public speaker, business story teller, conflict resolver, market your personal brand better, motivate and inspire people around you to fulfil their potential or simply share your message and build your self confidence?

I made a decision long ago to dedicate my life to helping others find their voice – through 20 years as a court room advocate and the last 4 years as a multi award winning master story teller, best selling author and international certified speaking professional (CSP).

I have mentored several national and international professional speakers, served as a speaker coach and story teller trainer for a number of senior executives, entrepreneurs and aspiring leaders, and decided it was time to create something that was accessible to all those who want to become more powerful communicators and powerful story tellers. The result is an impactful speaker and story telling training workshop that focuses on identifying your four essential needs, the process of giving ourselves permission to speak, verbal and non-verbal presentation skills, simple public speaking and stagecraft techniques.

I deliver this specialised training in both half day and full day modules and recommend only in person workshops for maximum results.

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