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Rabia uses her personal story of resilience, courage, strength and forgiveness, in addition to her psychology, military and legal training, as an effective speaker on topics including authentic leadership, resilience and equality & diversity.


Rabia’s most commonly requested keynote relates to her very personal story of battling with discrimination, abuse, chronic illness and PTSD after her involvement in a hostage crisis in Iraq, and then being written out of history. She explores what it means to display moral courage and lead by example, to stand up for one’s principles in the face of criticism, adversity and sacrifice, to fight for equality and to live what she teaches.


An inspiring, entertaining, and emotional keynote address.


Another popular keynote Rabia delivers, where she uses her unique and powerful story as a starting point, and by sharing her truths and vulnerabilities with the audience, Rabia explores what it means to be a truly great and authentic leader. She addresses what she believes are the essential qualities and key roles for a great and effective leader. She calls her audience to a higher purpose, challenging them to practice and live great, authentic leadership, to lead by example and be agents of change.


An unforgettable presentation ideal for a wide audience who aspire to be truly great leaders.


This keynote presentation addresses the topic of resilience – what it means, how one can learn to be resilient and recognising the warning signs in order to prevent future unnecessary hardship, and to plan ahead in order to predict and overcome future obstacles. It is in the context of this keynote that Rabia asks her audience a key question – what is holding them hostage? It could be a boss, a colleague, a bully, a friend, a partner, a fear or even a memory. She explores with the audience the need to be self aware and insightful to recognise those things that prevent them from realising their full potential, the steps needed to overcome that which is holding them captive, and the warning signs to watch out for in order to prevent being trapped in the same way again.
A very powerful keynote presentation and one that provokes thought and action.


One of Rabia’s other popular keynotes focuses on living equality. It addresses the common challenges faced by many people, particularly women – trying to achieve that mythical work/life balance, tackling unconscious bias and prejudice, the realities of being a working parent and the desire to truly have it all. Rabia uses her own life lessons and discusses the way feminism has evolved and been viewed over the generations (from baby boomer, Gen X and now Gen Y). She explores the subversive as well as the real impediments to true equality in the community and in the workplace, and Rabia discusses the communication and negotiation skills required to find your voice, address and overcome these impediments.


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Working with Rabia is an opportunity to reconnect with your purpose as a person and as a leader. Rabia creates space so you can dig deep, reflect and rediscover your innate and hardwired need to connect through stories. This provides a unique opportunity to reconnect with those around you and lead purposefully and authentically. The storytelling workshop was hands-on and practical and allowed the opportunity to practise skills in a safe and supportive environment. It's easy to see how the skills can be applied at home and work straight away. Rabia is relatable, humble, curious, mindful and thoughtful in her approach. Now I am off to build my personal digest of stories. Thank you Rabia!

Jasmine Malki, Chief People Officer, 13SICK National Home Doctor Service

Rabia’s story was inspirational. In the business context we often talk about the importance of composure, keeping the goal in mind and making a difference. To see this brought to life in a real world context where lives are at stake is both humbling and inspirational. It helps put things back into context.

Paul Fitzgerald, General Manager Oceania, Coca-Cola South Pacific

In my role as Director of Women’s Markets at Westpac I get to meet the most amazing women both here in Australia and internationally...If you are looking for a speaker to deliver a message about resilience, passion and self belief and finding your voice then Rabia is one of the best.

Larke Riemer, Director, Women’s Markets, Westpac Banking Corporation

Rabia is eloquent, articulate and gracious and delivered a powerful and awe inspiring presentation. The audience were held in her hands as she told her story. Her story describes her as being uncompromising in her pursuit of justice and unflinching in the face of extreme danger. This came through in her story and the audience rewarded her with a standing ovation. It was extraordinary and outstanding.

Ricky Burges, CEO, West Australian Local Government Association

I was mesmerised by Rabia’s story and the lessons that she so easily shared. After one and half spellbinding hours, we all shared our thoughts and reactions to what we had just experienced. The positivity, unity and desire to be better at what we do, to find our voice, and to be the change we want in this world. Rabia is simply compelling and captivating.

Peter Wood, General Manager, JWH Group

The response has been overwhelming, you certainly left an impression that will positively influence many of their lives. Someone once said to me that stars can’t shine without darkness and its our response to these moments that determines the legacy we leave. Yours is likely to be enduring and will proceed you.

Kelly Quirk, CEO, Harrier Human Capital

Rabia kindly delivered a keynote for a population of our most senior executive leaders, as a follow-on component of an Executive Development Leadership Program. Rabia is a highly proficient, impactful and passionate speaker. Her personal story and authentic presentation style resonated across our senior executive population, which can be a tough ask when faced with a room of typically highly sceptical individuals. <br> Rabia took the time to get to know us and our desired outcomes prior to the event. She customised her messaging to align with our goals, creating meaning and impact for our audience. She was highly committed and personally invested to make the event a success, which made it an absolute pleasure to partner with her.

Leadership Specialist, Global Financial Services Institution
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