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Raudha’s Story – An Update

In my last newsletter I reflected on the power of the story to evoke conversations, action and change, and I shared the story of the tragic death of Raudha Athif and her family’s battle to uncover the truth and achieve justice for her.

While the fight for justice continues, I would like to show you the impact of sharing powerful stories. Almost immediately after details of Raudha’s death was reported on the late October episode of 60 Minutes, there was a significant impact on the murder investigation.

Details of the apparent cover up attracted global attention and national and international pressure was brought to bear on the Bangladeshi authorities.

The presiding Magistrate directed that the investigation be referred to the Serious Crimes Department of the Bangladeshi Police. Also, he officially placed on record that, on the basis of evidence seen, he did not believe the cause of Raudha’s death was suicide.  Raudha’s family have also been contacted by Australia’s Minister for Foreign Affairs Julie Bishop and they have been referred to obtain assistance and advocacy from the Bangladeshi High Commissioner in Australia.

I will keep you posted on the progress of Raudha’s case as I know many of you have voiced concern and interest in following this investigation.

Conscious Leadership

Just a few days before writing this newsletter I returned from the United States, where I was invited to attend an incredible global leadership program.  The focus of this program was on conscious leadership and building a community of authentic leaders working towards addressing global needs. With an emphasis on holistic leadership, the 130 delegates, representing 45 countries, took part in an intense exercise around identifying one’s life purpose.  After four incredibly full days that required me to answer 27 soul searching and confronting questions about who I am, what my values are and what my legacy in life should be, I identified my life’s purpose as:


In articulating this purpose and sharing it with friends, colleagues and like minded network, I am committing to my intention and holding myself to account for what will be the vision and inspiration that will guide my work from now on.

For me the synchronicity of this program and the work I was required to do came at a time of the year where we all reflect on the year that was – the ups, downs, triumphs, challenges and unexpected curve balls. Hopefully, we learn from all of these and commit to a mental, emotional and physical reset as we look forward and plan for the year ahead.

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