Time to make a change

This month I’d like to share with you two big decisions I have made and steps I have decided to take in using my experience, privilege, voice and sphere of influence to serve others and impact change in a greater way.  They have come about as a result of a wonderful introduction and subsequent invitation from a man who has committed his life’s work to helping others and making our world a more peaceful place.

Below are two just released announcements. So, you my friends are among the first to know about this important work I am dedicating myself to:

Australian human rights advocate joins global peace project

International human rights advocate, author and inspirational speaker Rabia Siddique has joined the global advisory board of Project Peace On Earth (PPOE).

The appointment of Australia’s noted humanitarian comes in the lead up to PPOE’s planned Evolving Planet 7 (EP7) world-wide concert series.

The concerts will be held at seven sacred sites around the globe and it is hoped that Uluru, will, with the permission of the custodians and elders, be among these sites. 

Founded by philanthropist and former professional Motorcross racer and Fortune 500 sales executive, Steve Robertson, PPOE’s purpose is to inspire greater worldwide love, peace and compassion through hosting inspirational concerts.

Mr Robertson, who is chief executive officer of PPOE, said he anticipated that the first event in a seven-year series of worldwide concerts, entitled “Evolving Planet 7” TM (EP7), would begin in 2020.   

Each year EP7 would broadcast sacred music from seven different sacred sites around the globe to ultimately reach over a billion people world-wide.  

Proceeds from the concerts would be used to lift children out of poverty and address issues of water, food, clothing, shelter, safety, education, health care and sustainability.

Ms Siddique joins an impressive global line-up of PPOE board members including James Cameron, Stewart Copeland, Arun Gandhi, Grammy winning musicians, world thought leaders and Emmy winning television producers.

Mr Robertson said Ms Siddique’s entire career and personal journey lent itself to PPOE’s mission of promoting peace from a philosophical and pragmatic perspective.

As a living example of  how each one of us could be a positive change for peace, Ms Siddique was approached because of her human rights advocacy, her military background and her extensive experience as an international criminal, war crimes, terrorism and human rights lawyer.  

Often speaking from her heart, Ms Siddique, whose life mantra followed Mahatma Gandhi’s creed of ‘Being the change you wish to see in the world’, provided a significant voice in broadening the global reach of Project Peace On Earth.

Mr Robertson said PPOE’s goal was to make people more aware of how we could all be instruments for peace.

“This is done by reminding people that all wars first begin within ourselves,” Mr Robertson said.

“By perceiving differing people as the others and through the power of transforming this perception into the vision of seeing all as our brothers and sisters, we will, as John Lennon reminded us in Imagine, One Day we will live as one.”

Ms Siddique, who will also be an outreach ambassador for PPOE and the Evolving Planet 7 Concert Series, said she looked forward to making more Australians aware of this incredible project.

“While we are Australians, we are also global citizens and must recognise our privileged position and use it for the greater good of peace and the sustainability of our world.”     

Decorated by the Queen for her humanitarian work, Ms Siddique, who is also a board member for the International Foundation of Non Violence, is a multi-award winning inspirational speaker, media commentator and best-selling author.

Her first novel, Equal Justice, which chronicles her journey as a woman, lawyer, soldier and Muslim, is the focus for a feature film.

To learn more about PPOE visit www.ProjectPeaceOnEarth.org   

Media contact Eve Duffy on 0439981505 

Providing a global voice for veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Former military lawyer, hostage survivor and human rights advocate Rabia Siddique has joined the board of the US based Support Veterans Now.

Perth-based Ms Siddique, is the only non-US board member on SupportVeteransNow – a global organisation which provides a voice and holistic support for veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Ms Siddique, a PTSD survivor who endured a horrific hostage ordeal during her military duty in Iraq, said she hoped her role could help provide a global voice for Australian and New Zealand veterans.

“The global reach and access to the best research, treatment, advocates and stories for change is crucial and I’m excited to be able to play a small part here,” Ms Siddique said.

The retired British Army officer has championed those affected by PTSD since winning a landmark case against the British Government for silencing her about her frontline role in negotiating the release of some special forces soldiers.

Garnering global attention, the case resulted in widespread policy change to combat racism and discrimination in the British military for women and ethnic minorities

Rabia’s best-selling memoir, Equal Justice: My Journey as a Woman, a Soldier and a Muslim” chronicles the eight hour hostage ordeal where she almost lost her life and the subsequent fight for justice for herself and other minorities.  

Support Veterans Now’s Steering Committee and Advisory Board consists of the world’s top experts and thought leaders in addressing the healing process of PTSD and the honouring rite of passage back into society of returning veterans.

Founder Steve Robertson said Ms Siddique’s military background, experience as a lawyer, her personal experiences in overcoming PTSD and human rights advocacy would prove invaluable to SupportVeteransNow.

Mr Robertson, a former professional Motorcross racer turned Fortune 500 sales executive, said Ms Siddique entire career background and inward journey all lets itself to the organisation’s mission.   

Learn more at www.SupportVeteransNow.org

I feel incredibly honoured to have been given the opportunity to contribute and serve others at such a strategic level and in an international context.  This has come about by deciding to just say YES and follow my passion, my instinct and honour my WHY.

I hope this may have inspired you to do the same.  What change can you impact and how can you step up to serve in a way that is bigger and beyond yourself?

Anna Stanford