Rabia’s story has appeared in various print media in Australia, the United Kingdom, the Middle East, India and the United States.

In Australia Rabia’s story has been featured in the Good Weekend Magazine, The Melbourne Age, The Canberra Times, The Adelaide Advertiser, The West Australian, The Sunday Times, and in Scoop, GLOSS and New Idea magazines.

She has been interviewed on ABC’s ‘One Plus One’ programme, Channel 7’s ‘Today Tonight’ programme and appeared as a panelist on ABC’s ‘Q and A’.

She has also been interviewed by Richard Fidler in his ‘Conversations with Fidler’ programme, on ABC Radio National’s Drive programme, ABC’s Classic FM with Margaret Throsby and local ABC and commercial radio around the country, and also on New Zealand radio.

Rabia also provides expert media commentary on issues relating to counter terrorism, equality and diversity, women in leadership, women in the military, human rights, international law and hostage crises.

A UK/Australian feature film about Rabia’s story is currently being developed. Watch this space for further details about this exciting project.

The extraordinary courage of humanitarian lawyer Rabia Siddique

Last week, IT service management company Gartner hosted a HR-centric conference titled 'Reimagining HR' in Sydney. Now, let me be blunt, to my mind, HR can seem a tad bland. The final speaker at the end of the program was Rabia Siddique, international humanitarian lawyer and author.

The Drum Tuesday September 3

Host: Ellen Fanning Panel: Parnell McGuinness, Peter Hartcher, Rabia Siddique, Adam Carrel Guests: John Quiggin and Brian Toohey The panel discusses a parliamentary inquiry set to examine the potential for nuclear power in Australia, foreign investors' influence on Australian politics, governments and secrecy, and how old is too old to be a boss?

Today Tonight (Perth)

Monika Kos presents the latest news and current social issues.

An Open Letter To New Zealand After The Christchurch Massacre

Dear Aotearoa, When I heard the news of the devastating terror attacks on two Mosques during Friday prayers in your beautiful Christchurch, I went cold. I was in shock for the lives that would obviously have been lost and for those who are scarred for life.

Standing ovation at inspirational Legacy lunch in Wollongong

An inspirational and powerful address drew a standing ovation for Rabia Siddique at the annual Legacy Business & Community Lunch in Wollongong on Friday. Everyone stood to their feet in respect of Ms Siddique's presentation where she was not afraid to talk about the good and bad things that have happened in her life because it might help others.

Rabia Siddique shares journey from soldier to survivor for International Women's Day

HUMAN rights lawyer Rabia Siddique describes the triumphant Hollywood-movie-style moment she helped rescue two kidnapped Special Forces soldiers in Iraq as "just about the time the credits would roll". "Instead, it ended up heralding what would unexpectedly be one of the biggest battles of my life," Ms Siddique said.

Siddique Challenges Leaders to Become Agents of Change at Conference Kickoff

Through the telling of her harrowing life story, Rabia Siddique kicked off the 103rd ICMA Annual Conference with her message of how one person has the power to create change and end suffering for many.

Military lawyer Rabia Siddique on rescuing kidnapped soldiers in Iraq

Rabia Siddique helped free two British SAS soldiers after they were kidnapped in Iraq. Broadcast date: Wednesday 9 October Perth-born Rabia became a military lawyer with the British Army and was then deployed to Iraq. In 2005 Rabia was sent on a mission to negotiate the release of two SAS soldiers.

We have to stop normalising relentless Islamophobia in Australia | Rabia Siddique

Terrorised, persecuted, stateless, homeless, and, until recently, without real international support - this is the plight of the Rohingya, a Muslim minority community being forced out of Myanmar. At the hands of the Myanmar military, more than 80 villages have been burnt, leaving ten thousands of Rohingyas fleeing daily and attempting to cross into a flooded Bangladesh.

Iron lady

The striking brunette with the piercing blue eyes has an AK-47 aimed at her forehead. Crowded around her in a stifling, tomb-like room are about 30 swarthy, bearded men, most of whom are jeering "whore" and "traitor" in Arabic, while tossing up whether to shoot her and her three male associates on the spot, or to spirit them away in their white "death" car to the dusty edge of town.

Who are you? Rabia Siddique

She's a feminist, a muslim, a lawyer, a former hostage in Iraq, a social justice crusader, a terrorism prosecutor, a survivor of sexual abuse and the mother of triplets. She was born in Perth to an Indian muslim father and Australian mother. She went on to qualify as a lawyer and worth with the British Army.

GLOSS Issue 21 APRIL 2015

GLOSS is the monthly magazine of the LBDGroup, a community of successful and results oriented business women and entrepreneurs working together to drive continued change and success. - page 12