Rabia uses her personal story of resilience, courage, strength and forgiveness, in addition to her psychology, military and legal training, when talking about authentic leadership, resilience and equality & diversity.

The ability to lift and inspire others to action is critical, whether it be on a war-torn battlefield, or on a stage.

Rabia touches the hearts of all that hear her speak and leaves a lasting impression, inspiring her audience to want to be the best version of themselves. Rabia’s experiences as a former terrorist and war crimes prosecutor, international humanitarian, retired British Army officer, hostage survivor and mother of triplets have given her valuable insights on how to make the most of our lives and our businesses.

Her commitment to equality, justice and authentic leadership defines her and sets her apart as a sincere, charismatic and remarkable individual. Having battled abuse, discrimination, chronic health problems and trauma, Rabia is more than just a survivor. Rabia leads by example and lives what she teaches. A sample of her most popular keynotes are below.

Equal Justice

An inspiring, entertaining, and emotional keynote address.

Rabia’s most commonly requested keynote relates to her very personal story of battling with discrimination, abuse, chronic illness and PTSD after her involvement in a hostage crisis in Iraq, and then being written out of history. She explores what it means to display moral courage and lead by example, to stand up for one’s principles in the face of criticism, adversity and sacrifice, to fight for equality and to live what she teaches.


Courage under fire

An unforgettable presentation ideal for a wide audience who aspire to be truly great leaders.

Another popular keynote Rabia delivers, where she uses her unique and powerful story as a starting point, and by sharing her truths and vulnerabilities with the audience, Rabia explores what it means to be a truly great and authentic leader. She addresses what she believes are the essential qualities and key roles for a great and effective leader. She calls her audience to a higher purpose, challenging them to practice and live great, authentic leadership, to lead by example and be agents of change.


Rabia ICCA.jpg

What is holding you hostage?

A powerful keynote presentation that provokes thought and action.

This keynote presentation addresses the topic of resilience – what it means, how one can learn to be resilient and recognising the warning signs in order to prevent future unnecessary hardship, and to plan ahead in order to predict and overcome future obstacles. It is in the context of this keynote that Rabia asks her audience a key question – what is holding them hostage? It could be a boss, a colleague, a bully, a friend, a partner, a fear or even a memory. She explores with the audience the need to be self aware and insightful to recognise those things that prevent them from realising their full potential, the steps needed to overcome that which is holding them captive, and the warning signs to watch out for in order to prevent being trapped in the same way again.


Finding your voice 

A raw and authentic presentation that enforces the importance of doing the uncomfortable and using our voice and influence to impact change.

One of Rabia’s other popular keynotes focuses on living equality. It addresses the common challenges faced by many people, particularly women – trying to achieve that mythical work/life balance, tackling unconscious bias and prejudice, the realities of being a working parent and the desire to truly have it all. Rabia uses her own life lessons and discusses the way feminism has evolved and been viewed over the generations (from baby boomer, Gen X and now Gen Y). She explores the subversive as well as the real impediments to true equality in the community and in the workplace, and Rabia discusses the communication and negotiation skills required to find your voice, address and overcome these impediments.


Add on a workshop to extend the impact of having Rabia speak at your conference.

Story Telling for Leaders

This workshop focuses on identifying, crafting and using stories in the leadership context to engage staff and clients, bring to life and communicate with effectiveness company values and build trust, respect and sustainable relationships with stakeholders. 

Participants will be empowered to: 

  • Identify and articulate their impactful story for change;

  • Craft stories to serve others and manage change;

  • Use stories to influence, build engagement and inspire others to take action; and

  • Embrace stories in a leadership and business context.

courageous cultural change agents

This workshop focuses on the courageous leadership work required to address cultural change - from an individual, team and organisational perspective. It’s about doing things differently, being prepared to think outside the box and be a disruptor in your profession, and overcoming that which is not serving your organisation or your clients well. 

Participants will be empowered to:

  • Identify and articulate their personal and organisational values;

  • Confront the disconnect between values and actions;

  • Challenge personal and professional incongruence; and

  • Harness their positions of influence to be the agent for change.

leading under pressure

Now more than ever in our lives, organisations & communities, we need leaders and aspiring leaders to display strong character, sound values and proven results.  

Great leadership is characterised by resilience, courage, focus, discipline & authenticity.

Participants will be empowered to:

  • make sound, well informed & often difficult decisions under pressure;

  • inspire & motivate those around them to be all that they can;

  • mobilise themselves & others to achieve outcomes & goals that add to the greater good & higher purpose of their organisation.


From the moment we reached out to Rabia, she proved outstanding to work with. No request seemed to trouble her, instead she seemed to enjoy the challenge!

Rabia’s communication in the lead up to conference was a testament to not only her work ethic, but how well her talk was able to impact our audience.

Not only was Rabia dressed impeccably, she was on time and hungry to know even more about our audience than we had previously discussed.

Rabia was able to engage with our audience, captivating them until her last word – without the aid of notes or slides. You could have heard a pin drop the entire talk. A typically hard-to-please audience gave her a standing ovation, and promptly swarmed her upon exit – shaking her hand and thanking her.

I simply cannot recommend Rabia highly enough, and will be sure to book her again at some point down the road.
— Events Manager, Clubs NSW
This presentation was off the charts. Rabia is my new super hero! I found her messages to be inspirational on a professional and personal level. Without a doubt the most outstanding presentation at any conference I have attended.
— President, New Zealand Law Society
Holy crap - she’s amazing!
— CEO of PR and Design Agency, Hunter & Bard
We’re still shivering! Impactful doesn’t come close. Rabia was amazing, truly inspiring and the best speaker I have ever heard.
— Events and Marketing Manager, Canadian Human Resources Management Association
I was never in any doubt that our members would take Rabia to their hearts. The feedback I received following her keynote was so positive. Attendees were genuinely moved and uplifted by Rabia’s honesty and her message of hope and resilience. Best speaker of the conference and best speaker I have ever had the pleasure of listening to.
— President, Irish Primary Principals Network (IPPN)
Rabia’s keynote presentation was the perfect opening to UN Youth National Conference. Her story was inspiring and empowering, and the audience was on the edge of their seats throughout. Rabia engaged effortlessly with the teenage conference delegates. Her understanding of youth leadership and ability to encourage young people to be innovators and change-makers was impressive. We would not hesitate to invite Rabia to speak again.
— UN Youth Australia National Conference Co-Convenor
I was mesmerised by Rabia’s story and the lessons that she so easily shared. After one spellbinding hour we all shared our thoughts and reactions to what we had just experienced. The positivity, unity and desire to be better at what we do, to find our voice, and to be the change we want in this world. Rabia is simply compelling and captivating.
— General Manager, JWH Group (Construction)
Rabia’s presentation was inspirational. In the business context we often talk about the importance of composure, keeping the goal in mind and making a difference. To see this brought to life in a real world context where lives are at stake is both humbling and inspirational. It helps put things back into context.
— General Manager, Oceania, Coca Cola South Pacific
Rabia kindly delivered a keynote for a population of our most senior executive leaders, as a follow-on component of an Executive Development Leadership Program. Rabia is a highly proficient, impactful and passionate speaker. Her personal story and authentic presentation style resonated across our senior executive population, which can be a tough ask when faced with a room of typically highly sceptical individuals.

Rabia took the time to get to know us and our desired outcomes prior to the event. She customised her messaging to align with our goals, creating meaning and impact for our audience. She was highly committed and personally invested to make the event a success, which made it an absolute pleasure to partner with her.
— Director, Leadership Development, Macquarie Group Limited (Global Financial Services Institution)
Are you are looking for a speaker who will inspire 100% of the audience? Rabia provided our national conference with a truly inspirational, heartfelt presentation that touched our very beings. A huge thanks on behalf of the ASI & our members.
— State Manager, Australian Steel Institute