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Rabia is an engaging, heart-felt trainer. Participants leave her workshops with the frameworks and tools necessary to enable them to step up and do the work that’s needed in their organisations, and the inspiration that motivates them to keep going.

Rabia offers three different workshops:

  1. Effecting Cultural Change (1 day, or 2 x half day, workshops)

  2. Leading Under Pressure (1/2 day workshop)

  3. A Beautiful Revolution (can be delivered as a 1/2 day, or full day, workshop)

Further details on each workshop is below.

Effecting Cultural Change

2 x Half Days or 1 Full Day Workshop

Culture is everything. It goes far beyond the company values and mission we espouse on our websites, letterheads and to our clients. It is what we say and do when we think others are not watching or listening. Essentially it is about how we treat each other, how we communicate with each other and our clients. 

The growing incidence of stress, anxiety, depression, substance abuse and burn out are most often attributed to negative cultures within professions/industries, the workplace and amongst colleagues. Too often senior leaders have not embraced and honoured their responsibility of leading by example through the inclusion of humanity and authenticity to their management and leadership. 

This full day workshop is aimed at all those wishing to lead their teams, company and themselves in a way that aligns with their personal and professional values, challenges outdated attitudes and starts with individual conversations we have, which sets the tone for authentic, impactful communication and sustainable organisational cultural change where it is needed the most. 

This workshop is broken down into two broad modules: 

Module 1 - Story Telling for Leadership, Engagement and Influence

This focusses on identifying, crafting and using stories in the leadership context to engage staff and clients, bring to life and communicate with effectiveness company values and build trust, respect and sustainable relationships with stakeholders. 

This module of the workshop will help you to: 

  • Identify and articulate your impactful story for change;

  • Craft stories to serve others and manage change;

  • Use stories to influence, build engagement and inspire others to take action; and

  • Embrace stories in a leadership and business context.

Module 2 - Courage to Change Culture 

This module focuses on the courageous leadership work required to address cultural change - for an individual, team and organisational perspective. It’s about doing things differently, being prepared to think outside the box and be a disruptor in your profession, and overcoming that which is not serving your organisation or your clients well. 

This module will help you to: 

  • Identify and articulate your personal and organisation's values;

  • Confront the disconnect between values and actions;

  • Challenge personal and professional incongruence; and

  • Harness your positions of influence to be the agent for change.


Delegates will come away with useful content, practical takeaways to convert into positive action, and will learn by 'beginning to do' within the workshop setting. You will learn how to: 

  • Identify and articulate your impactful story for change;

  • Craft stories to serve others and manage change;

  • Use stories to influence, build engagement and inspire others to take action;

  • Embrace stories in a leadership and business context;

  • Identify and articulate your personal and organisation's values;

  • Confront the disconnect between values and actions;

  • Challenge personal and professional incongruence; and

  • Harness your positions of influence to be the agent for change.


Any professional, leader or manager wanting to acquire the skills to impact cultural change within their organisation and industry, leave and lead in alignment with their values and/or harness the powerful vehicle of story telling to impact change and dramatically improve outcomes within their workplace and teams.


Working with Rabia is an opportunity to reconnect with your purpose as a person and as a leader. Rabia creates space so you can dig deep, reflect and rediscover your innate and hardwired need to connect through stories. This provides a unique opportunity to reconnect with those around you and lead purposefully and authentically. The storytelling for leaders workshop was hands-on and practical and allowed the opportunity to practise skills in a safe and supportive environment. It’s easy to see how the skills can be applied at home and work straight away. Rabia is relatable, humble, curious, mindful and thoughtful in her approach. Now I am off to build my personal digest of stories. Thank you Rabia!
— Jasmine Malki, Chief People Officer, National Home Doctor Service
Rabia is a skilled and articulate presenter, with well prepared material, and a thoughtful structure and delivery method. She provided strategies that I will actually use, have kept thinking about and am excited to implement. A masterful demonstration of the power of story-telling.
— New Zealand Law Society

Leading Under Pressure

Half Day Workshop

Now more than ever in our lives, organisations & communities, we need leaders and aspiring leaders to display strong character, sound values and proven results.  

Great leadership is characterised by resilience, courage, focus, discipline & authenticity.

This workshop provides participants with the tools and skills needed to make sound, well informed & often difficult decisions under pressure; to inspire & motivate those around you to be all that they can; & to mobilise yourself & others to achieve outcomes & goals that add to the greater goos & higher purpose of your organisation.


Demonstrating & living the 7 characteristics of great leadership.

Identifying, confronting & overcoming that which is holding you back.

Understanding the 4 steps to finding your voice and creating sustainable change - stepping up, speaking out, leaning in and choosing when to do so.

Ethical decision making - sound, informed & timely action under pressure.


Executives, leaders, managers & aspiring leaders.

A Beautiful Revolution

half day, or full day, workshop

What makes a young Afghani girl shot in the head twice go onto become an international advocate for the education of girls and women?

How does a fruit vendor in Tunisia decide one day to set himself on fire as the ultimate sacrificial protest against exploitation and corruption, thereby instigating a year long Arab wide revolution that results in the next generation of Arabs demanding more self determination and civil rights?

How do three young University friends decide one day to drop out of College and start a social enterprise aimed at addressing the world’s safe water, sanitation and food shortage crises?

All around the world ordinary people are choosing to do extraordinary things.  To living a life beyond and bigger than themselves. To doing the uncomfortable and to taking back their agency, and embracing their capacity to create change.  Change in their own world and in the world around them.

We live in an era where, as a species we have never been more connected through mobile devices that have become our fifth appendage.  We have the world at our fingertips. Yet as a population we have never felt so alone, unheard and alienated. Large parts of our planet are being depleted, damaged and destroyed by leaders and organisations who rule by fear.  

Political, industry and business bosses have chosen the path of power and influence over humanity and service.  Leaders who have gained their followers by dividing and conquering rather than inspiring and empowering.

The inevitable result of this form of divisive, valueless leadership has been widespread violence, inequality and despair.

Social, political and economic instability is present almost everywhere we look - and it is getting worse.  

The gap between the haves and the have nots is widening, and our planet is dying.

But many of our leaders - those equipped to do something about it - are not listening.  They are turning away, pretending not to hear or failing to understand.

So something else is also happening in our world.  Something quite profound.

Every day more people are becoming disenchanted and mistrustful of those that we have previously looked towards to lead the way.  Those that we have expected will address the wrongs in the world. These ordinary people - people like you and me - are deciding to embrace their capacity to create change.

These ordinary people are taking back their agency, and committing to living life bigger and beyond themselves.

We are not just living in a new millennium, but that we are on the precipice of a beautiful revolution.  A revolution of the people. A time where, as a global community we are now starting to take control over our communities and environment.  We are stepping up and demanding more of ourselves, each other and our leaders.

Mother Theresa once said “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the water and create many ripples.” A Beautiful Revolution is Rabia’s study of how as individuals and as a population we create ripples of change when we embrace our capacity to do so.


  • Reflect on our own stories and experiences - how they have influenced our lives and how they can be used to impact change around us;

  • Identify our values and commit to living and leading in alignment with them; and

  • Harness the resources around us in order to build resilience and help us re-align when we inevitably experience disconnect from a values driven life and leadership practice.


Change agents, leaders and all those seeking to impact change in their lives and around them.